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For atheists: how can you claim God does not exist if you claim you can't prove a negative? ?


Atheists that say you can't prove a negative . Ok sure. I understand. But if you can't prove a negative. Then you can't prove that God does not exist. 


HOWEVER, you cannot say with ABSOLUTE CERTAINTY that God does not exist since you make the claim that you can't prove a negative does not exist. It's like saying  God does not exist in one breath and then the next saying but I can't prove he does not exist.


@IOM: Thanks for your answer, but I already  know that. My question was not if Atheists believe God/ gods exists.

Update 2:

@Upper U.S. This question is specifically for people who believe that you can't prove a negative. As I said above. 

Update 3:

@Anonymous: Totally get it. I don't believe in Santa Claus. But just because something sounds ludacris to believe doesn't make it impossible. The same applies with santa claus, unicorns, flying spaghetti monster, etc. I don't personally believe in that, but I can't prove they don't exist. Since it's a negative. So that's the point with my question on God. 

Update 4:

@bioya90: This question is not about proving God exists or burden of proof. 

Update 5:

@Anonymous: I never said I could prove Santa Claus exists. I said the exact same thing you said. That I CAN'T prove Santa exists AND I also can't prove he does not exist. Just because I don't personally believe in Santa, does not mean he does not exist. Can you read? 

Update 6:

@God. Thank you for understanding my question. I do understand your perspective also.

Update 7:

@Tony B & @Nous Yes this is definitely a serious question and no I'm not lying.There are many atheists who do believe you CAN prove a negative. And there are many who believe you CANNOT prove a negative. I should clarify that I don't mean in every single situation it is impossible to prove a negative. There are always exceptions. But I hear what you are saying and appreciate your perspective. 

Update 8:

@Eric Yes there are atheists that believe God does not exist. Ever look at the answer to many replies on Yahoo answers? Plenty of times I've seen atheists say God does not exist. Many atheists claim God does not exist. But I know not all atheists do. 

Update 9:

@annon: my post is not argumentative. I said please read the entire post which many people didn't otherwise they would not respond with things I already addressed. The updates are either to clarify or to explain something that I already stated. Like people acting like I said all atheists think this way when I made it clear that I understand all atheists do not think that way. I enjoy reading answers but not from people who disregard what I said or turn this into something I did not say.

Update 10:

I appreciate the answers from people who tried to understand my question without assuming stuff I did not say. Your answers help me understand other people's outlook on the topic.

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    I don't say God doesn't exist. Something may or may not. I don't have proof he doesn't or that he does. I do not believe as I need proof. if there was ever solid proof I would not have an issue following a religion. Some people do have faith that is enough and I accept that. I just don't see how there is a big guy in clouds looking down on us who needs to be worshipped. My mother created me but I don't worship her.  Another thing I don't get is why is there so many religions that follow different things?if you's are so convinced he exists then why is not all the same?  

    I can't prove he doesn't exist - can you prove he does tho?

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    list  the SEQUENCE of events

    1- was it  an atheist saying there are NO gods

    2- a Theist claiming HIS god exist

    to answer  LOGIC tells me a PERSON had to invent the word " god "  FIRST  and then  present the proposition / proposal of a " god "  to OTHER people .

    .who BEGINS the CONDITIONS  of their claim and proposal  the THEIST  and the atheist RESPONSE is THEIST  FAIL to provide sufficient and CONVINCING evidence  promotion  or argument so theist have a BURDEN of prove to  try to REVERSE that  state is DISHONESTY

     informing us that  it is a THEIST .who has a BURDEN OF PROOF

    . for example  certain people  presented the PROPOSITION  that a " god "   causes THUNDER and LIGHTENING , thunder and lightening is a Audible and physical observation  theist present a claims of association and CAUSE  but fail at demonstration of a  God ( personality thought INTENT ) force

    in NORSE  religions they claimed it was a GOD they  called  THOR .... investigate  as in google list of gods of THUNDER  about 100 from

    MEDITERRANEAN teshub ba'al Hadad Aplu Set  9 total  N W EURASIA amasi  afi jupiter thor 20 total

    EAST ASIA raijin 7 total 



      AMERICAS haokah Thunderbird 10

    Sub SAHARA AFRICA  shango Oya 10



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    4 weeks ago

    There was a Greek man named Nicholas who sold all he had to help orphans and also preformed many miracles. Nick was a man who loved Jesus. He was very well known and very popular throughout Europe. In the Netherlands they called him ‘Sinterklaas’… a translation of Saint Nicholas.

    In the 1823 Clement Clark Moore wrote the poem ‘A visit from St. Nicholas’ which later became ’Twas the Night Before Christmas’ after it’s first line. The greedy toy sellers jumped all over this and ‘Santa Claus’ was born.

    In the end, Nicholas was a man who loved Jesus, and that is what we should be teaching our children.

    As far as the rest goes, please read and obey Psalm 37 "DO NOT FRET about what the wicked do.... doing so LEADS TO EVIL." 

    In other words... you become part of the problem.

  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    No one can prove or disprove. Your post is baiting and argumentative, not KNOWLEDGE seeking, which makes it inappropriate for this forum. 

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    4 weeks ago

    So you're admitting there is zero proof of gods.

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    You are confusing proving/disproving negatives with unfalsifiable claims along with positive, negative, and neutral positions.  Depending on the wording you can turn any claim into a negative:

    You get a friend to hold an opaque beaker above their head and tell them that it is empty.  You then have them turn the beaker upside down, if the beaker wasn't empty you've just disproven a negative and made your friend angry!But it's a massive leap to go from a thing cannot be proven, to a thing cannot be proven therefore it exists - the latter is nonsense and is why the burden of proof has to be with the person making the claim

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    I’m doubting that this is a serious question! 

    I don't know of anyone who would claim that it is always impossible to prove a negative whatever the context. To a large extent it depends on what would be accepted as “proof”. 

    Most people, for example, do not believe that fairies exist. In my case that's because they are extremely improbable, go against everything I know and believe, go against my experience and common sense. Plus, there is NO evidence whatsoever that they do exist. I would therefore claim that fairies do not exist. However, I cannot provide any “proof” of their non-existence: something that does not exists cannot leave any evidence of its non-existence. Thus, in this context, it is, “impossible to prove a negative”.

    For me it is exactly the same with God. I claim, as I do with fairies, that God does not exist. As with fairies though, I cannot prove God's non-existence because, in this context, it is, “impossible to prove a negative”.

    A person does not need any proof to be sure of something. Nor does a person need to justify their belief.

    To me, God does not exist.

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    Easily, because I can make claims that I cannot prove. They are claims about my beliefs.

    However, I don't generally make the claim that God does not exist. I am more likely to say that there is no good reason to think that he does.

  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    You don't have to prove they don't exist, moron. Why would want to do that? You can't disprove something that's never been proven.


    If you don't believe in Santa Claus show us how you proved the negative of his existence.

  • Steven
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    4 weeks ago

    Did you know that the Israelites went to war with the Palestinians that is called the six day war and completely took over Jerusalem. This is of course prophesied in the bible. And the 144000 Jews that will proclaim the gospel are being saved. So people are giving Trump a bad time just because He is striving for peace between the Jews and the Palestinians saying that Jerusalem will belong to the Jews and another state will belong to the Palestinians after the Jews went back to their land where their temple of God was at in Jerusalem. Just sayin that you atheist's cannot defeat God and God enemies will not win against His people the Jews. The Christians who actually hear from God and not the false ones always predict what is coming and they have won every time. Just sayin atheist's that Christians prove God exists all of the time where they have won every time in bible prophesy. And Jesus is the reserection and the life so when the antichrist comes after the church God will avenge.

    Yall atheists are just saying you do not believe that the proof we give for God is not proof therefore you do not believe the proof we give. So you deny the proof we give.

  • IOM
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    4 weeks ago

    Atheists don't believe in gods.

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