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as a millennial,  has anyone noticed all these childish rants by millennials blaming baby boomers for their problems ?

and all these "ok boomer" memes are just immature as well 

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    Don't let it worry you. They too will mature one day and appreciate that the world is more complicated than they ever imagined.

    The post-war generation did not sit down and try to work out ways of p*ssing-off future generations. They, just like every generation, had to start from the world they inherited. Just like later generations, they didn't inherit it outright because several older generations were still around and still influencing it. EVERY generation blames it predecessors ... until it realises how silly that is.

    Things are the way they are because they evolved to be that way over hundreds of years and they are still evolving. You, they and every future generation can contribute to the evolution. If it works for the majority and is better than what went before and doesn't cause any harm, the chances are it will become part of the world we share. If we feel it means us giving up something we value, there will be less enthusiasm for making the change.

    The thing I miss most about my idealistic youth is the absolute certainty  that came with my pitiful lack of life experience. Now I suspect that, if we claim to know all the answers, we don't understand half the questions.

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