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Marvin asked in Family & RelationshipsFamily · 3 weeks ago

What makes a grown woman (mid 30’s) fear her mother!?

Years ago (before I got married), I dated (and cohabitate) with a woman who feared her mother. 

When her mother announced that she was planning a visit, on the weekend she would panic and take both Thursday as well as Friday off work to clean every corner of the house. Yes she would clean behind the refrigerator and behind the stove, etc.

She cleaned every corner of the garage, as well as scrubbed out the rubbish bins. This ritual took place about every two or three months.

She sometimes said that she had to “answer for everything I said or did”. I asked her what I said or did, and who is the dictator that she must answer to. She never would answer so I knew it was her mother.

My girlfriend had problems with depth perception and could not park her car in my garage to save her life. She typically pulled in so far that her bumper hit my chest freezer, or was so far to the right that there was no room for my truck. I hung a tennis ball in the garage so she could line up her car. Her mother saw it and never offered an explanation why the tennis ball was “unacceptable “. Needless to say after her mother chastised her, the tennis ball no longer worked. She would just park as though it was not there and that  usually meant with her front bumper up against the freezer, and over to the right about a meter from where she belonged. I asked her to move out after that because there was no taking to her about anything.


My father was a dictator. I called him “Adolph”. 

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  • Pearl
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    3 weeks ago

    maybe her mom punished her a lot for not cleaning right

  • Anonymous
    3 weeks ago

    You say her mother was a "dictator".

    Imagine growing up with that and dealing with it as a child. 

    My mother was a narcissist and while I didn't actually fear her, she often wasn't pleasant to be around.

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