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How did the Queen feel about princess Diana hugging Aids patients ?

How did HRH feel about princess Diana going about hugging and shaking hands with Aids patients?

I heard that back in the 80s Aids patients were social outcasts and kept away like the plague.

What did the Queen think of Diana hugging them?

Did Diana break Royal protocol by doing so? 

And did have an impact on how the general public saw and treated people with Aids? 

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  • Clo
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    3 weeks ago

    At first, royal courtiers thought that the AIDS/HIV issue was too controversial. But, the Queen saw the positive reactions, how Diana was doing some good, and so accepted Diana's wish to be a patron of such causes.

    Royal protocol was limited to shaking hands---though some people did get excited and give a royal, even the Queen, a hug,(the Queen was surprised, but looked pleased to receive a warm greeting). Diana not only shook hands with a patient, in one of her speeches, she let it be known that it was safe to do so. And the more credible, medical information about the disease helped people understand more, to be less afraid.

  • The Queen would have been horrified - both at the idea of a princess touching people, and at the close association with people who were perceived to have brought about their own misfortune through their immorality. AIDS patients were indeed social outcasts and much as I dislike the concept of royalty, Princess Diana did enormous good to the Queer community by her willingness to associate with them. 

  • Rico
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    3 weeks ago

    With the same amount of concern as many other people, considering that the vast majority of people back then didn’t fully understand how HIV is contracted. 

  • Anonymous
    3 weeks ago

    apparentley Diana came home after visiting the queen. Diana was upset and her body guard asked what was wrong. She said the queen though she should do more suitable charity work eg not aids patients etc

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  • 3 weeks ago

    HM said in her post funeral words about Diana that there was much about her she admired.    So I guess you just have to take it as stated.   I suppose Diana was trying to show that touching somebody with AIDS wasn't like catching the plague but to me, it was ALL SHOW.   I was very suspicious about her motivation most of the time.

  • Anonymous
    3 weeks ago

    The royals, including the Queen, never touched people in such an empathetic and caring way. Therefore, it would seem the Queen and other royals were perplexed, at best, and horrified, at worst, by Diana’s loving behaviour towards people with HIV/AIDS. 

    The impact Diana had when she touched AIDS patients was significant. It showed the world, via the huge amount of media attention Diana received, that the disease was not spread through shaking hands or hugging. It helped break the horrible stigma of AIDS patients being untouchable. 

  • Anonymous
    3 weeks ago

    Royal protocol is not to be touchy-feely, so I don't suppose she was impressed.

    People didn't know very much about AIDS, so the report of Diana shaking hands (without gloves) with a gay man with HIV at the Middlesex Hospital or picking up an afflicted child was significant in demonstrating that it was not contagious. Seems strange now when so many people live with the condition, but back then with all the prejudice, it was a big deal and guaranteed her a gay following and a posthumous Attitude Legacy Award.

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