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Philosophy Questions - expand on ancient Greek philosophers ?

Please write 250-500 words expressing the understanding (summary) of the philosophers, periods, views, and movements in the source. 

Then, write another 250-500 words give a personal opinion about the views and movements compared to contemporary ethical issues. (do not use separate sources for this just widely known information).

Base your writing from this source: https://tannerlectures.utah.edu/_documents/a-to-z/...

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    Do not recreate the wheel. Thousands of known philosophers have already done it. Listen to them. They don’t all agree, so pick the philosopher you like, and explain from his point of view, in your words. 

  • j153e
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    4 months ago

    1.  Make a name-note of each of the thinkers mentioned and discussed;  either then or after you've completed your name list, write the words/ideas next to or under each.  If you have 10 names, write 25 words for each, more if you like.

    2.  Second part is your 2 cents'/25 words about how Epictetus or whoever might feel/think about (your issue(s)).  

  • Anonymous
    4 months ago

    Nope, sorry. Your teacher expects YOUR work, not ours. FAIL. 

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