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What is the difference between procrastination and not being decisive?

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    To postpone a task for constructive or strategic purposes does not amount to procrastination. For a postponement to amount to procrastination, it has to represent poor or ineffective planning and result in a higher overall cost to the procrastinator, for example, in the form of stress, guilt, lost productivity, or lost opportunities. It is one thing to delay a tax return until all the numbers are in, but quite another to delay it so that it upsets our holiday plans and lands us with a fine.

  • Robert
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    Procrastination is when you postpone doing something just because you don't want to do it at that time.  Not being decisive is when you can't make up your mind.  Like when SloJoe Biden ping pongs back and forth on his beliefs to fit the narrative of the audience he is speaking with at the moment.  And that has happened often considering how few times he has left the basement

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