I need someone to interpret my dream ?

I had a dream that I was in a forest and I saw a deer and a tiger  the tiger was stalking the deer and ambushed it . The tigers canine sank into the deer neck and it tried to suffocate it to death . I approached the tiger and kicked it in the neck to no avail. I then kicked it a second time in the neck and again it had no effect. I went to a nearby cliff where I saw a few other people and cant for some reason remember if it was me or someone else but someone got a bow and arrow and shot the tiger with it (I'm 80 percent sure it was me) the tigers grip on the deer was released and the deer escaped. The tiger then died   I felt intense remorse and guilt for what just happened and regretted the entire thing .the strange thing is a baby tiger cub appeared (presumably the adult tigers cub who I had just killed) and started following me and wanting to get close to me like I was its mother . I started petting and stroking it but then I felt fear so I tried to scare it off as I wanted nothing to do with it but it still wanted to be near me. I think that is when I woke up  I have no idea what this dream could possible mean 

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    Basically your dream is the story of all Life on planet Earth.   One lives and dies and others carry on afterward.  Then they die and other people keep the chain of Life going on down through the ages of Time.  If you are having difficulty with the concept of death, your subconscious mind may have given you this dream, as one can see how the tiger cub began to follow you, and you wanted to stop the transfer of that love, as Life went on and on.  And it even forced you to wake up.  So think about this concept of Life on Earth being a chain of people who live on Earth,  generation after generation.  

    Source(s): I don't want to leave you with the impression that the physical Life span is all there is to Life, as I believe in Life after death, which is another type of existence, with and through God.
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    You see the world as a place where vicious thing are happening. You want to help correct it but you feel your efforts would be in vain. You also feel that if you try, you would not fully capable. You are seeing this dream to help you understand your own psyche and also so that you can make some decisions about how you wish to proceed with your life. It Is important to believe in who you are and always remain committed to your principles. Do what you believe is the right thing without hurting anyone in the process. Know that you are an amazing person and fully capable to achieving your goals. Have a positive attitude always.

    Source(s): Meditations for the Journey by C. Mohan http://visiondreamer.ca/ blog
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    Dreams don't mean anything.

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