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Trash is supposed to be picked up by the city 3 times a week, however often neglected. How can I explain this to my landlord / property mgr?

It's particularly frustrating as I'm trying to re-organize my apartment, sort through decades of belongings (had a storage unit for many years and don't want to go through that hassle or expense again) and have a lot to throw away (don't have a vehicle of my own, or even a license in order to rent a Uhaul .. therefore can't bring it to a thrift store, and not all of it is worth trying to sell or give away to friends) .. When dumpsters are overflowing, not all will get picked up next time the city DOES pick up, and excess usually refills it .. nor can I afford to use a junk removal service. Do I risk putting stuff in a dumpster besides those which I have access to within the complex? 


It's already happened twice that I know of this month. On the sides of each dumpster (some of which are bigger than others), limited space as well due to tenants who've thrown away mattresses, sofas plywood etc. There are several businesses within walking distance whose dumpsters are rarely full .. but do I risk it, or as the question originally implied, how to explain my displeasure with this ? I recently signed a new lease, and without a license or vehicle, moving would be a serious challenge.

Update 2:

None of the local charities in my area including Goodwill or Salvation Army will send a truck for pickup. They have in the past, but not anymore due to the pandemic.

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    Dumping in any dumpster other than those provoided by your landlord is ILLEGAL!  That is theft of services. You will have to find the money to use alternate swervices or just deal with what is provided. 

    Notify your landlord that the dumpster is not getting emtied on schedule. 

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    It is not the landlords issue, it is not the collection of trashes issue, it is YOUR issue......... sort out your junk, phone the thrift stores and they will collect your unwanted junk that can be resold..... you are resposponsible for you and your junk not someone else

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    Check to see if there is a garbage haul/junk truck company in your area. They often work with people who have a lot to get rid of and not the means. It can be expensive so be prepared for it.  There is a company I think National now called College Hunks Moving. Check to see if they do it. 

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    mention garbage is not being picked up regularly, but your clutter is not the landlord's problem, you wouldn't have a problem if you didn't hoard.

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    Some charities will send a truck to pick up a donation.

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    Maybe all this stuff could catch fire.

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    Just pile it on top of/ beside the dumpster.  This fact that it isn't getting picked up isn't your fault and what else are you supposed to do. Pile it beside the dumpster (or on top - whatever seems more appropriate) and forget about it.

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