My faucet in the kitchen is making a noise after I replace, what is wrong?

I decided my kitchen faucet need to be replaced, so I went to purchased one.  It was the same identical one.  I hear a knocking noise every time I turned on the faucet and also my spray hose drip when I use the faucet.  When I turn the faucet on, it's like holding back a little and then sort of like a knocking sound.  It seems like it's in the handle.  I was thinking maybe air was in the hose line.. Here are the things I tried:  I turned on all the faucets in the house including the tub and faucet outside and let it run for for a while, I took off the aerator and ran the hot and cold water for a while, I repositioned the faucet  and re-tighten, I switched the aerator on the faucet and still  hear the noise.  My only suggestion is to take it back and switch it out for another one.  Before I do this, does anyone have any suggestions.

2 Answers

  • 4 weeks ago

    sounds like it is some thing else causing the noise    so i suggest you get a plumber 

  • Huh?
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    4 weeks ago

    Its water hammer. If you turn off the water and drain the system, then turn it back on it should solve the problem or install water hammer arrestor. 

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