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Why is being an American so god-dam demanding?

I'm supposed to work 20 hours/week and attend college full-time?

How does that work? It's simply too much. I find that cruel and inhumane.  

Your thoughts? 

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    Gee, I don't know.  When I was younger I worked 40 hours a week, raised a child, went to college part-time, never missed a little league game, swim meet or football game;  cooked, cleaned and went to the gym 4 days a week.  I never found it demanding only want I needed to do to take care of business,

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    Join a branch of the US military.

    Get paid to learn.

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    You think it's hard now! Wait till your parents tell you to give up their family home and work 37-40 hrs a week after graduation. And you have to start paying mortgages, spending most of your hours at work with little time to yourself. If you have small children, you will spend on them as well.

    College is easier than working cos you get help from your friends here and there. Unlike some jobs where you stand on your feet all day dealing in fast food or other labour work. And if you are not getting your university based graduation job on time, you will realise the min wage jobs wages are never enough. 

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    You have everything. People need you. 

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    My thoughts,

    You're not cut out to be an American. You should go some where the people are lazy.

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    You have value and "count" in the world.  

    You shouldn't sell yourself cheaply in a "ponzi scheme" world, for pieces of fiat paper money.  

    How things make you feel and what effect they have on you are more important.  

    Look for a way out.  

    Do things that have intrinsic value to you.  

    What helps you will help others, too.

    Success is what succeeds: "nothing succeeds like success".

    What succeeded in the past will succeed again in the future.

    What succeeded for you will succeed in helping others as well.

    That is, what you need, others need, too.

    What is good for you is good for others, too.

    College was once an experiment in having ideal conditions for learning and for stimulating conversation.

    College is supposed to be a community of scholars sharing good conversation.

    The architecture and the books are the best that your species has come up with to heighten human experience.

    Students have forgotten that college was supposed to be a community of scholars sharing good conversation.

    Prepare for conversation.

    For "quality time" and "quality interactions", you need to prepare for your conversations.

    It takes time alone, preparation time.

    Your habits really guide your thinking, emotions, and thinking.

    As you cultivate yourself, you will sublimate and filter your emotions in different ways and displace the old ones.

    Cultivation of the art of living, conversation, and music.

    Surround yourself with things you enjoy and good thoughts.

    There need to be more and better resources and outlets for recreation, fun, and play.

    Cultivation in art and music leads to an appreciation of the sublime, which can make you more sensitive to God, spirit, and self-expression.

    Cultivation and religion seek the "sublime" and the art of spreading joy in an immediate and immanent way.

    The subconscious mind comes into play.

    Even your sleep is important.

    You need to realize this and learn to "cultivate" yourself with good music, happy spirits, and nature.

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