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Why does my husband seem so disinterested in our newborn daughters?

Honestly him and I have been having marital issues for about six months now. He’s distanced himself from me & is no longer affectionate. I wonder if there isn’t someone else. I’m only with him for my daughters at this point. I couldn’t bare to have to be without them & have to have “shared custody.” They were born two weeks ago & 1 had to be in the NICU. I cried daily because I didn’t want to be discharged & have to leave her at the hosptial while he complained everyday because he wanted to leave. When his son was born (different mother) he posted pictures on Facebook all the time & he has yet to make a post about our daughters. He took a week off of work to help his first baby mama & he went straight back to work the Monday after the twins were born. I’ve been staying with my mom to get help & he comes every 3 days to “help” and see them. Although at night he really isn’t much help. He helps me feed one while I feed the other but when they are crying instead of soothing them he just lays them next to him and goes back to sleep. Which aggravates me because I don’t want to do-sleep with them. I keep his son for him on the days that he stays the night (his mom isn’t in the picture) and it’s really just an added stress as he is three and super hyperactive because he’s what you would call a “meth baby.” Anytime I bring up an issue I have it turns into a knock down-drag out fight so how can I tell him I’d like for him to be more involved?

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    You know him better than we do.

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    I think being upfront and honest is the only way to get him to understand and that may be something like, "Am I going to be able to rely on you as a co-parent and as my partner in this relationship, or are we done?" You need to know, your children are infants, he will not get "shared custody" unless you agree to it, but unless you are completely unfit, you will get full custody and he will get visitation, maybe an hour for a couple days a week. Seeing as he's not even capable of caring for his older child, I kind of doubt he'll be doing much in the way of demanding parenting time. But, you deserve to be able to move on and to plan. 

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