PRA Law Firm scammer or legit?

So I got a letter from said Law Firm stating I have twenty days to pay them and "Should payment fail to be made on time or payment arrangements not be set up within the above stated time period, we may review the matter for possibility that our client take further civil action and depending on the state law , may chose to make a higher settlement request on behalf of our client. It just sounds fishy. Is this even legal? I was told by my whack old job that I owed them $160 and now they're charging me $247? Has anyone else had an issue with this supposed law firm?

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  • A.J.
    Lv 7
    1 month ago

    PRA Law Firm is real. They are like a Walmart with lots of ads and domain names.

    They seem to specialize in recovering money from shoplifters and employee theft.

    Based around Longwood, FL

    Florida has had Republican governors weak on employee legal protections.

    The question is missing specifics of what the $160 claim is about plus location to check laws. The law firm gets their money also. It's cost of collections.

    The words are meant to scare you, and there should be more contact information than a name called PRA Law Firm to verify what you have. be this C+ rated firm:

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