How will the JMSDF's F-35 equipped carriers stack up against the PLA's carriers?

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  • 3 weeks ago
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    The Shandong can carry up to 44 aircraft and has ski jump ramp meaning non-STOVL fixed wing aircraft can be used. The new Type 003 aircraft carrier being built will also be fitted an electromagnet propulsion system which means that heaver aircraft, be that bigger aircraft, heavier loadout or fuel load, can be operated off it. So not only can the its airwing fly longer, further and with more weapons but it can also operate early warning detection aircraft which is a huge advantage. 

    The Izumo has 28 aircraft and no ski ramp or other assisted take off system. This  means only STOVL aircraft can be used.  

    In essence the Chinse carriers have a lot more aircraft and a lot more flexibility in what aircraft can be used and how than the Japanese. 

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