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How have Trump apologists so severely missed the point of the NYT article about DJT’s taxes? Their defense just makes him look worse.?

The article doesn’t even suggest that Trump committed criminal tax evasion, but that’s instantly what all his cult members thought, and so they all have jumped to point out that his business ventures have in fact lost hundreds of millions of dollars in the last 15+ years. That’s not only absolutely true, but it’s the bloody point of the article!! In their haste to argue against the wrong point, they’ve all simply concurred 100% with the true message of the article: that Trump is completely incompetent, has no idea how business works, and has no clue about the most basic level of finance.

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  • Jim2
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    3 weeks ago
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    Right. There are two possibilities: Either Trump is poor or he cheated. It's not like it's just one year. These are 20 years worth of taxes showing losses. Either way he looks bad.

  • Kieth
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    3 weeks ago

    Let's see Oprah Winfreys tax returns, Don isn't America's only millionaire.

  • Anonymous
    3 weeks ago

    Its funny cause if trump could walk on water the media would print the next day that he couldnt swim.

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