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Did many US troops in WW2  rape local women in Asia and Italy France Germany uk Australia ?

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    A thumbs down?  Idiot must be American who won't believe the Truth

    In France Amerians Raped Nuns because they were healing allied and German troops

    Remember Mai Lai

    In the UK during WW2 the USA would give the death sentence to a Rapist

    But when white Americans were caught in the UK and found Guilty of Rape Most got sent Home

    "There's no question that in most instances the crimes committed were horrendous,But whites got away with the same acts, particularly the rapes. The military data he has gathered in Europe show that blacks (or "colored," as the military referred to them then) made up 79 percent of the soldiers executed in Europe, as against 21 percent for whites. Death Sentences for Rape

    The rate of execution for black soldiers was even higher for the rape of civilians, for which 25 blacks (87 percent) and 4 whites (13 percent) were put to death. In 28 murder convictions, 22 blacks and 6 whites were executed. Of the 12 executed for murder and rape, 8 were black and 4 were white.

    FDR Truman Eisenhower were true Racists and would Not Apply a Law that said any American Military Personnel found Guilty of Rape during WW2 will be executed

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    somewhere between 42 the answer t everything and 1024.a nice round number.

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    It definitely wasn't widespread but a few cases did occur. The punishment for this crime was severe and this acted as a major deterrent. 

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