Moving away, what is my best option of study?

I am going to be going to Europe soon, Romania specifically, but I first wish to study in the UK. I wanted to study dentistry but that's a very long time and I don't take Chemistry A Level, just Biology. I have also been obsessed with literature my entire life but I know that studying English Literature does nothing for me for moving to Romania. As well as this, I am studying Spanish which is pretty similar to Romanian and I intend to study Romanian as an extension of whatever I'm doing at Uni too. I have a lot of interests but, to be quite honest, I'm feeling really unsure about what to do. I am also taking EPQ so I'm not sure if that affects anything at all. I've yet to decide what my EPQ will be on, too, so I ask for any advice people might be able to give me. Thanks.

1 Answer

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