Do you think my ex coworker will think I’m stalking him if I showed up at the place I used to go to?

I got let go from my job and there was always this bench I used to go to, same with my ex coworker.  I went there first, and then he started going there anywhere. Anyway, today I’m suppose to meet with my old friend in the area who lived closed to my old work and told me to meet him there and that he’d come pick me up, and I’m just thinking to myself what if I run into my old coworker because he goes there on his breaks sometimes too, and since I sent him a request on insta and he’s kind of ignoring that, I think I would come off as stalking him but I’m not. Do you think he’ll think that? or just be thrown off guard that I’m there? I’m hoping I don’t though but my friend just said that if I do, then I should just tell him that I want to hang out sometime and how I feel about him.

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  • lover
    Lv 6
    3 weeks ago

    Be open to him and talk to him. You have nothing to lose as you dont have him now too

  • 3 weeks ago

    Look, you're a girl and he's a guy.  You're thinking like a girl, but speaking to you as another guy; don't worry about it. He'll probably be happy to see you more than anything else.

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