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Why did he treat me like this? ?

I guy from work seemed really interested (being intimate with me via text, blowing emoji kisses, texts to say hes thinking about me, sending me a pic of his kids etc). We planned to meet up a couple of times but he had to see a sick relative & look after his kids, around this time he said he needed time to sort his head out, shortly after I found out he was seeing somebody else as the news became common knowledge in work, but he still looked at me in work until i left the job. I knew he must have been texting me while seeing her. She has posted photos of them both on her fb page but he has not updated his & it still says single on his page & he has 3 facebook accounts and they are not friends on fb. He now wont read my messages. Is he a player?? & why the sudden lack of interest?? 

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