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Why do people say to lower you’re standards when it comes to dating?

As if lowering standards will make you happy

Why do people do it?

I say aim high and go for the girl who seems like she came to pose for playboy magazine. Keep aiming. All lowering standards is gonna do is destroy you’re soul. 

I’m a 39 year old virgin and I haven’t asked a girl out in 15 years. However when I was at it I always went for the sexiest girl even if I was not successful. Sexy mean both inside and outside to me. Ik selective. Most likely I’ll be single till death but I won’t lower my standards. It doesn’t even occur to me just like dating a single mom. Doesn’t occur to me. Women my age, don’t occur to me. 

Sure I’ll fail but I’ll have more fun doing that than doing what other people say I should do. 

Wouldn’t you agree?

I see too many passive aggressive people in the world today and I swear I won’t be one of them. Lmao. 


Farict your lack of eoxerpeice night have also kept you from

Being bitter as you have no bad memories of sexing a fatty and drinking massive amounts of booze to forget it. You won. Beautiful is in the eye of the beholder and you got a hot wife. You won. Good games. 

Update 2:

Anonymous are you mad bruh?  Are you a woman over 30?

Update 3:

Ana I’m a man. The world don’t revolve around me but I don’t conform for other people. I won’t lower my standards. There something out there. Or maybe not. I’m a soldier and wont surrender. Also I’m not ugly and people I know wonder why I don’t have a gf. I just been afraid to ask one out in the past 15 years   

I’m getting older. What do I have to lose? Lmao. 

Update 4:

Also Ana the same rules don’t apply to us men compared to women. You’re a woman and you if you’re attractive have a small window of opportunity. A mans journey is totally different with few similarities. 

Update 5:

Ana.  Leagues don’t really apply to us guys who have balls. I’ve seen retarded looking guys who ain’t rich get pretty girls 

Update 6:

Anonymous I had model girls smile and say hey to me as they looked shy doing it and I thought I was lower than dirt and didn’t deserve to talk to them. Model girls!!!  Next time, next time I’m going to try. If I don’t and no I’m not self entitled, then I’d rather be alone as pornhub makes me happier than dating an over 30 landwhale with or without kids. 

My confidence was almost kills by a narcissistic family I grew up in telling me I ain’t shyt 

Update 7:

I gotta try anonymous. I gotta try. That’s what it really means to be a MAN. Keep swinging. Don’t go down without a fight. You’ll never see an anchor tied to my ankle. I’m a freebird. 

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    Well I agree, I didn't lower my standards ever.  But I had much less sex than other guys.  Now I have a hot wife.  But still, less experience than other guys.

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    People who urge you to lower your standards are working on the assumption that you'd rather be with a woman than alone. Your stance appears to be that you'd rather be alone than with a woman who doesn't meet your standards.

    Both are valid choices, but yours is likely to result in you being without a woman, if you haven't been able to ask one out for the last 15 years. If you insist on holding out for the quality you feel entitled to get, you have to accept that you may always be alone, as you are now.

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    Let me give an example. If I’m a fat and ugly girl and I’m expecting a guy who looks like Brad Pitt, then I’m NEVER going to get that guy. Like don’t flatter yourself you could wait 50 million years and ain’t no brad Pitt gonna want to date an ugly fat girl.

    The same rule applies to guys. If a guy is fat, ugly and/or short then he needs to have realistic standards and go for girls who also have flaws. Otherwise no girls that he wants will want to date him, simple as that. 

    What people with unrealistically high standards don’t seem to realize, is that:

    1) the world doesn’t revolve around you

    2) dating is a free-market, just like any other. Would a customer hire a bath remodeler with bad reviews and ugly photos of work for $50,000, when they can hire a better quality one for $25,000? Heck no. Because CAPITALISM! FREE MARKET! Same applies to dating. People have a CHOICE in who they date, and nobody wants to date below their league. PERIOD.

    3) but if you go for a girl IN THE SAME LEAGUE as you, then you both can find happiness! 

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