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Boss Embarrassed me at work over texting her too much how do I get past this?

My boss had a meeting with me because she felt I texted her too often and I crossed a line texting her personal situations. She always responded to my texts and even referred to me as a friend a few times so I felt comfortable confiding personal things about my life etc. Then she called me into her office with the other boss present to tell me not to text her except about work related things.We even had coffee a couple of times so it seemed like we were at least work friends.

 I wouldn’t have had a problem with it if it had been a private conversation but it was just humiliating having another person there. I feel like both of us were to blame but I’m the one who was left holding the embarrassment bag. How do I recover from this embarrassment? 

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    Lesson learned.  Work relationships can be friendly but kept professional.  Your boss has a job to do and you are a subordinate that she is responsible for managing.  Just put your head down, do your work and stay positive.  You can have a one on with her just briefly acknowledge her position and that you understand and look forward to maintaining a good working relationship.

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    just dont do it anymore

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