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Can I live with a pilonidal cyst?

A year ago I got a bump just where a pilonidal cyst usually forms (lower back, just at the start of my buttcrack) and I had no idea what it was so I kept popping it during showers and using tissues to always suck the blood out. Yesterday I did a quick search and self diagnosed with exactly this PILONIDAL CYST, where this bump sometimes grows and makes it a little uncomfortable for me to sit, then pops and there is blood coming out for a few hours (it also smells horrible, especially when I sweat).

Now I know surgery is the only way to get rid of this thing, but will I be able to live with this without surgery? Right now it's the size of a little pea, and it hasnt bothered me at all lately except the occasional bleeding during the shower. I also covered it with sanitary alcohol a few times, but will it cause complications if I dont get surgery for it?

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    many people live with them, but they can get quite large and get pretty infected, so getting them removed when they are small and not infected is far easier than emergently in an urgent care with a nasty infection. But its your choice and people have them for years and years.

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