Why don't people like having the public see their license plate? Can people track down your address with it? ?

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  • ?
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    3 weeks ago
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    Most people can't look them up, therefore most people don't care if their plate is seen on TV or whatever.  So why blur them?  It's a legal liability thing.  Lots of people sue businesses for no real reason, just to try to make money.

    However, you can look up the smog check history of any car (in CA) just by typing in the plate.  Look up "Bureau of Automotive Repair".

  • CB
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    3 weeks ago

    Good question because driving around the license plate is in public view constantly.

  • 3 weeks ago

    In my state, PA, you can submit a written request to the department of motor vehicles.  In a month or two, you will get a response.

  • Scott
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    3 weeks ago

    No, vehicle registration information is not available to the public. 

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