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Who do you think should survive & why ?


A severe storm has crippled a small 12- passenger ship, the S.S. Guppy, which was on a tour off of Hawaii. The only remaining

gas-powered lifeboat has room for 7 passengers. There is no hope for the small ship or any of the lifeboats to reach the final

destination of the voyage, but there's a fairly good chance that the passengers on the lifeboat can make it to one of many small,

uncharted, and unpopulated islands in the area. These passengers may have to remain on such an island for years. NONE of the

crew members are included in this scenario.Your overall task is to choose which seven people of the twelve passengers should be allowed on the lifeboat, and

theoretically have the best chance at survival. None of the crew members aboard the ship are included in this scenario.First, you must select seven people to go on the lifeboat. You will explain using whatever criteria that you choose in

selecting these seven people, but you must explain why each person was chosen using two to three sentences. You

cannot simply use the description as the reason they are added to the lifeboat. That information is to provide a guideline

for making your decision. Then you will do the same thing for the five people who you’ve chosen to remain on board the

S.S. Guppy.

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    None of them. They can all be fuel for the fire with Satan. 

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