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Why are we exploring Mars for H2O and the possibility of inhabiting it when Earth has everything necessary for life?

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    Various reasons:

    1) Distraction

    Politicians are keen to distract voters from the real problems we are multiplying here on Earth, and conjure up airy fairy ideas of whizzing off to the planets in order to keep the masses subdued.

    2) Nostalgia

    Some folks reckon that sending a bunch of losers off to eke out a miserable existence on Mars will somehow rekindle the euphoria of the glory days of the long defunct "space age" of the sixties. As if. Project Apollo was as much a once off as the pyramids.

    3) Justification

    Education is big business these days. The business model of modern education is to charge as many students as possible the maximum they can afford and borrow. Institutions must compete against others. The way to remain competitive is prestige. Having one's faculty members publishing a load of research papers is one way to accrue prestige. When all else fails, the myth of life up in space is a flavour-of-the-month topic for esoteric and popular research.

    4) Profit

    The media seems to just lerv publishing lots of silly articles containing lots of phrases such as "could be", "may be","some scientists think...", etc on "habitability" and life up in space. Lots of clicks result, which leads to lots of profitable advertising presented to the not-so-discerning reader.

    5) The failure of science and the rise of new-age religion.

    Space boogiemen have usurped the characters of traditional religions as icons of worship. A never ending quest to find "habitability" and space boogiemen is a tecno-update on the religious crusades of the past to find such artifacts as the Holy Grail and the Ark. Exploring Mars appeals to the new-age techno-pilgrims, and both politicians and the media know it.

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    Because water is necessary ingredient for all life as we know it and we want to know if we're alone in the universe. So to look for life elsewhere we must look for water first.

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    exploration is what men and womens do from 2 years  old to a few years before they collapse on a comfy ( one hopes) sofa in old age to give up the poltergoose,when toed by a leg to the crib rung,one afternoon kiddo figures out how to untie dads tie knot,,then,over the top down the side,out the door down the stairs,,then there is the street he never saw before,nless ma sees him and hollers YOU GET BACK ..HERE YOU YOU<<< little stinker, youuuu, escape artist,,I gotcha<<<<<<<<its what we do man,,in the DNA,,, it will not be stopped or reckoned with

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    However much we pollute they Earth it will still be better than Mars to live on. There is some water tied up as ice and no oxygen or any kind of atmosphere. Besides which even if it was inhabitable, we would need to make tickets that could take hundreds of people at a time. ( please don’t say Virgin Galactic are almost at that point, that project is at best a vanity project for Branson at worse an outright con.) 

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    Aside from the natural act and desire to explore - the simple fact that Earth won't last forever. Going to Mars is really just a first step in learning *how* to survive out there - how to travel, live, and become independent of Earth. 

      Because - simply put - Earth isn't going to last forever.   There *will* be a day when Earth can no longer support Mankind.  If we're not practiced, ready, and able to survive out there when that day comes, then Man will go extinct with the rest of life on Earth... 

    Just because we're comfortable here *now* doesn't mean it'll stay that way... and, we should be ready. The time to dig the well is *before* you get thirsty. 

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    Loads of reasons, the primary one being curiosity and the need to understand our place in this reality. One of the many questions that we still are trying to answer is the very basic one: Is there life anywhere else apart form earth?  Are we alone and special, or just one of many?  You cannot tell me that you have never asked that question, ever.  If you never have, it says that you are not a very curious person. Our need for knowledge is the basic unique characteristic of being a human.  If you don't have it, it says a lot about your humanity (or absence of).

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    A lot of yearly budgets of the tax payers to keep those elite people who work in so many space missions are burning their taxes away for the exchange of their happiness to keep these imaginary projects going on. Who is to  be blamed.  

  • Zirp
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    4 weeks ago

    lack of modesty.

    Some naive people think we should ruin more than one planet. Some think it would be cool to go die on Mars.

    That's the reality about it; a few people on a one-way trip is the best we can do.

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    Some are never happy where they are,  some hate to clean up after themselves.

    Oh, then there is that big asteroid.  Might make living on Earth difficult.

  • Pearl
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    4 weeks ago

    cause people are curious about if we can live in mars too

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