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Do your horses ENJOY it when humans sit on their backs?

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    Some do, some don't. When we had carriage horses some years ago they were okay with riding, especially enjoying sightseeing that they got on trail rides. But they really preferred driving, and if they saw the horse cart sitting up on the truckbed they would almost leap into the trailer, knowing that miles of easy adventure lay ahead.

    The attentive and skillful rider makes sure the horse is properly trained for riding, has a good saddle that is actually comfortable, is shod properly for the terrain and the season, is physically in good shape, and has a proper bit. 

    That same rider has learned how to ride correctly, and to pay attention to the horse's opinions. We own a pony who will stop if his saddle is not adjusted correctly. He's got high withers, and if the saddle pad isn't exactly right it presses on his spine. Forcing him to go on and ignoring his discomfort would be an error.

    People have been riding horses for perhaps 5000 years or more, and even the earliest writer about horsemanship, Xenophon (around 400 BC), attested to how a properly ridden horse can enjoy his work.

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    Enjoy my mom other my friend

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