Do you know the operation process of concrete mixer truck transportation?

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  • 3 weeks ago


    Carry out the daily pre-departure vehicle checklist for defects involving safety and roadworthiness, and then get into the cab and drive it. 

    Most depots and worksites insist upon any vehicle reversing to be under the supervision of a “banksman”: a lookout who tells the driver when it is safe to reverse and in which direction.

    If you meant to ask how do the trucks get transported to and from owners when new or after major repairs, then most of the time they’ll be driven, or occasionally a couple of them might be transported on the back of a low-loader if they need to go a long distance), or if they are unserviceable then they get towed or transported on the back of a low-loader or a heavy-duty vehicle transporter.

    If they have to be transported from manufacturers in distant countries, then that will usually be via sea transportation. 

    You only asked about the transportation of the mixer truck. Nothing about it’s use to transport concrete.

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