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Can my parakeets live off of a complete fruit-based diet?

Can I use fruit (strawberries, etc.) as an alternative to bagged bird food for my parakeets?

They are constantly eating, and they love their Kaytee seeds (which can cause liver problems) and are stubborn about pellets. They found out that they love strawberries and raspberries.

I want the healthiest diet for them but they won’t touch their pellets.

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    Fruit is a nice addition to a bird's diet but it is far from complete. They do need a quality seed diet, or pellets too. It sounds as if your birds are trying some new foods. Excellent foods to give them that are more nutritious than fruit are raw veggies. Mine LOVE raw corn, broccoli, grated carrot, peas. Soaked seed is also an extremely nutritious food, far more than dry seed. Look up how to soak seed for pet birds. You can let it sprout a bit too, man my keets love it. You can soak millet sprays. Cooked brown rice is good, also can you get Kashi? There's a type that's just various seeds only. I cook Kashi, store it in the freezer and thaw portions out for my birds. Also good organic muffins are good for them to eat, like pumpkin, bran, blueberry, etc.

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    They can eat some fruit but it's probably best for them to eat seeds and parakeet food.

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