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Are vegan sausages and burgers better for your health?

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    I doubt it. The reason why people go vegetarian or vegan is because they think eating meat is morally wrong (even though, in reality, it's not wrong to eat meat). Militant vegans think of themselves as being morally superior. This comes from an attitude of pride. Also, nearly 2000 years ago, the King James Bible accurately predicted that in the last days, people would be against marriage (I'm talking about heterosexual marriage - "homosexual marriage" is not marriage), and they would forbid people to eat meat. The Bible says that they have given heed to seducing spirits and doctrines of devils. It's in 1 Timothy 4:1-5. It might be better to read verse 6 also - meaning read 1 Timothy 4:1-6.

    In my opinion (and this is strictly my opinion): I don't think that forbidding people to eat meat is really about ethics, animal rights (animal welfare taken to an extreme), health, the environment, etc. PETA even tried to make it out to be that not non-vegans are inherently racist (by falsely accusing non-vegans of being white supremacists for drinking milk). I believe that those are distractions, intentionally used to keep us from knowing the truth. The ultra liberals are lying about the world being overpopulated, so they can push their depopulation agenda. Why do you think that the feminist movement is being pushed? Why do you think that the homosexual agenda is being pushed (against the will of the people, because the liberal left are catering to militant homosexuals) so hard? What about abortion, which is murder in the eyes of a holy, just, and righteous God? What about the global warming agenda, which is propaganda and science falsely so-called? And even if everybody went vegan, would the liberal left be satisfied? No. They would trick people into going breatharian, and socially engineer their early deaths (lying to them about being "evolved" and that they don't need food). The liberals goal is to kill everybody off, except for themselves and a few they can enslave. Even if there's only 101 people in the entire world, and 100 were wealthy and only one was poor, they would still use "the world is overpopulated" excuse to justify killing the poor person. Just like the Pharisees were 2000 years ago, these people hate everybody else who is not one of them. The people who think they are more evolved, and that's it's inherently their right to enslave everybody, are a bunch of pompous cultic power hungry psychopath reprobates.

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    Better than what? Proper sausages and burgers containing meat? No. Why would they be? Meat's not unhealthy.

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    They tend to be higher in fat and sodium their meat counterparts.  

  • Probably not.  To make them look and taste vaguely like the real thing, they have to add a lot of chemicals - especially salt and glutamates.  If you want to eat sausages and burgers, go for ones with meat in them and buy them from the butchers not the grocers.  If you're vegan, why do you want to eat something that resembles meat?

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    No. Neither vegan nor meat burgers/sausages are particularly healthy due to high fat. However, a vegan diet is generally less healthy than one which includes a moderate amount of lean meat and low-fat dairy.

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