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Do you think living on a college campus is a bad idea for someone with autism due to the constant change of living situations and sharing a ?

Room? I mean if they have to move back home for winter and summer break that seems like a lot of change in settings for someone who doesn’t cope well with change.

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    I have mild Autism, and I hold a college degree, and I lived on campus all four years I was in school. And I never had any problem with going home for breaks at Christmas or in the summer. Summer was a time to work, and I often worked away from home, so there was no issue with that. And Christmas was usually just a couple weeks. And not all Autistic people have a hard time coping with change. That's a myth.

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    My high school had a boarding house and not all students went home over the summer.  I lived in my house when i was in university so i’m not sure about how dorm life is but if it’s anything like the boarding house the student don’t have to leave till they graduate

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    Nah, depends on the person. There are people with high functioning autism who would be very successful living on campus. 

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