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Why is Forbes top 100 companies to work for important?

I'm preparing to meet with an employer that I would really like to work for and I want to show that I have researched them well. This company is on Forbes top 100 Best Companies to work for. I want to tell the employer that this is obviously important and a bonus point to work for them but I'm not sure how to put this in a more formal/professional way if that makes sense. I know what it means to be on they list and they do too but what's the best way to convey this?


Correction, I meant Fortune not Forbes

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    You probably don't want to do this.  You would only bring this up in the context of an appropriate question and you'd need to know a lot more than that the company was on the list.  You'd want to know precisely why.

    For example, if the interview asks why you want to work for this company you might say " addition to the clear fit with my skills, I'm impressed with the company's dedication to employee health.  Being able to workout at the office seems like a great way to keep fit and mentally sharp."

    Employers want to know that you actually know what business they are in, who the competition is, what's going on in the industry or market segment, and what might be goals or challenges.  The don't care some much that you saw they were on a list in Fortune.  Yes, they are flattered that they are consider a "top" employer and know that will help them recruit the best candidates. Any time a candidate mentions a benefit rather than the job itself, it can be a red flag.  

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