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Why go MRAs think they are entitled to address gender issues?   ?

Everyone knows gender studies professionals are feminists.  

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    "Why go MRAs think they are entitled to address gender issues? ?"

    Well, let's see.  Feminism  has held the microphone unilaterally for more than 4 decades now as the sole perspective on gender issues for Western society.  It's long past time for diversity in this domain.  After all, diversity is good, even according to feminists own philosophy.  It's time we also had MRA, MGTOW, and Conservative voices along with pro-Life opinions, side by side with all the aspects of feminism that we've been subjected to over the decades.  Those diverse opinions need to be brought up and discussed on an equal footing with feminism and its ideology in order to promote fairness and equality.

    Feminists have been the oppressive majority on gender discussions.  It's time that they deplatformed themselves and let the minorities in on the action.  After all, this is what they believe regarding other "majorities", like "cis" White men for example.  They wouldn't want to be hypocrites now and continue to oppress others with their power and privilege, would they?


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    I guess I would be a MRA but the only “men’s rights” I propose are parental/divorce ones or male abortion. 

    The male issues I care about to where I still get called a cynical misogynist are physical/sexual violence being brushed under the carpet, equal justice system sentencing, suicide, #metoo bias and homelessness. All issues I and many before me have been effected by yet, I’m told to shut up and called weak by people such as the guy below. 

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    There are no gender issues, there's cultures with weak men and cultures with strong ones, that's it. 

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