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How to keep Budgies at healthy weight?

My two parakeets constantly eat, and they spend a majority of time by their food bowl. Whether it’s seeds, millet or fruit (they won’t touch their pellets), they always want to eat something. If I take their food away, they throw a fit. I’ve been using their millet as a treat only, but they devoured a whole strand of millet in a heartbeat.

What is the healthiest way to keep them from gaining weight (Even if I have to restrict their food bowl)?.. because one of mine already looks as if he’s getting pudgy and I want them to be healthy.

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  • Raven
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    3 weeks ago

    Birds should have access to food at all times. Seed is high in fat, and low in SOME vitamins. You can give less seed per day as long as they are eating other foods well. Have you offered fresh raw vegetables like corn, broccoli, peas and shredded carrot? Corn, bran or wheat muffins, a small amt per day. Cooked brown rice. Cooked wheat and oat seeds.

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