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How does child support work?

If the father has a warrant out? The warrant is not for child support matters btw. What are the chances I will even get anything?? I’ve been begging him for the longest for certain things for the child and he is ignoring me or tells me ok and never shows up not to mention he sees the child like twice a month for 10-15 min. 

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     Your man should be paying for any future children zxjqkvw

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    I'd say you have a dead beat on your hands and tell him to take a hike, or even better, stop talking to him. Children having their father is a beautiful thing, but if hes an irresponsible dead beat and hes out breaking the law, its best to just cut ties. He won't change either. He may grow up in 10 years but by then it will be too late. 

    Better to have no father, than a toxic, unreliable one who lets you down all the time.

    You can take him to court and try to have him ordered to pay but that could be more time and trouble than it's worth. 

    Getting men to pay isn't as easy as one would think, and depending on your state and county, could be nearly impossible. Some places crack down on child support, some couldn't care less. 

    Yes they could garnish his wages(take the money directly out of his paychecks without his permission) or take it directly out of his bank account. Which would work if he had a job, a paying job(not an under the table job like waiting tables, drug dealing or certain manual labor jobs), and had a bank account. Guys dodging child support quite often get under the tables jobs that the courts don't know about and delete their bank accounts.

    They would then take his license from him until he pays - assuming he has a valid license and even he does, him not possessing a license won't put money in your hands, it'll just make him drive more careful. 

    Some places will literally put dads in work-release jail, releasing them only to go to work and back, and give them no choice but to pay up. Or at least I've heard about it but never seen it. 

    Best of luck to you and your child. Forget about the guy. 

  • Willie
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    1 month ago

    You pay money to the mother of your baby if you want nothing to do with them.

  • 2 months ago

    not support

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  • Cammie
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    2 months ago

    How does child support work ?

    You go to court and work with them to arriange child support and visitation.

    If support doesn't come, you report it to the court.Do'nt you talk to this man. Let the court do this.If he is incarcerated you will not get any $$$.

  • edward
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    2 months ago

    Then he gets arrested if he has a warrant out on him, he goes to prison

  • 2 months ago

    Depends on where you live and the laws that apply to you, and also where he is (because there are problems/conflicts when dealing with separate legal jurisdictions), but where I live, the government pays the support to the recipient of a court order, and takes that money from the person who has been order to pay.  The government can (and will) freeze bank accounts and take money directly from the employer, and can even take away professional or technical licenses until payment is made.

    And they react pretty fast.  fall behind three months and bam! your bank accounts get frozen and they take your money. It is pretty much automatic. If that isn't how things work where you live, then get politically active.

    As to criminal warrants, they are not the same as a civil matter such as child support.  Unless you live in a place where the failure to pay a civil order such as support is also defined as a criminal act.

    Most places in North America make the support payer owe that money until it is paid.  there is no bankruptcy avoidance or other games.  that money is owed for the child's benefit (it really is not for you either, it is for the child for whom you are legally responsible; you are supposed to use that money to house, feed, and cloth the child).

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