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How is Cassius Clay greatest of all time if got Parkinsons?


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    It was the way he dealt with the disease that reinforced his greatness.

    At his peak, Ali was know for his unapologetic brashness and arrogance.  While few doubted his talents or questioned his achievements, his lack of humility rubbed many the wrong way and many questioned his character.

    When Ali faced his diagnosis with acceptance and quiet courage, and then faced his decline with dignity and grace, many saw this as a personal evolution and depth of character that made him a true role model...not just in athletics but in life as well.

  • Do you have any idea how many Boxers have suffered Parkinson's Disease over the years? You get Parkinson's Disease because of repeated blows to the head. You do know a Number of Football Players, Boxers, Hockey Players, Mixed Martial Arts Fighters have gotten Parkinson's' and thousands of other have it to look forward to.

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    The disease has nothing to do with his skill/success as a boxer.

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    Don't you mean Muhammad Ali 


    And yes he was the greatest 

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    I don't see how one has anything to do with the other. You seem to be basing your question on the false assumption that being first diagnosed with Parkinson's at 42, after having had a long and "greatest of all time" career, somehow precludes the other. Michael J. Fox already had Parkinson's when he filmed Back to the Future, but it didn't stop him from being great in it. Like with Fox, it would take years and years for the disease to progress to the point that it was even noticeable by other people.

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    Because he didn't become homosexual at 23 in the adult vid store by Germantown Pike?

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    Is that how you judge people? None of us now what diseases we may contract. Not even you. And yes he was the best heavyweight boxer of all time.

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