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Should I speak up to my son's online teacher?

My son, due to COVID-19, does homeschooling. I sit with my son every school day helping him during classes because he is special need so needs assistance. 

I have an issue with one of the teachers. There is one kid who yells out the answers, this happens more often than not. He used to be talked to about this but now he actually gets praised by saying "thank you, David", "great Job, David", David will ask, "was i on point?" and the teacher will say, "Very on point!" This child is miles ahead of my child, he reads well, can do the math, expresses his ideas well, etc. My child can't do any of these things and needs a lot of work, he needs time to answer, and encouragement. 

My son is not given time to answer, to be corrected or taught how to solve the answer, or praised for good work. He can give answers but needs time to collect his thoughts, he's not given the time because David yells out the answer and is praised for it. When my son gets the answer right, he's never praised by name, he's called the wrong name by the teacher, or the teacher knows he answered by will say SOMEBODY answered right. My son gets no time in that class but he sure gives David time. 

Are these valid concerns? I don't want to get on the wrong side with this teacher because he seems like he can turn on you if I were to make him uncomfortable. What should I do? Thank you!


I just don't think he'll learn anything being rushed along, not corrected/helped, or know he's doing well with no praise. 

Update 2:

@n2mamma. Thank you for your response. He is in a special needs class, specifically for Autism. All the children are on a spectrum so some children are more capable than others to learn the basics like math, reading, writing, etc, and too, some are less capable in comparison to my child. Yes, I'm jealous that these children who fair better than my child, academically. I don't want to subtract from what they can do but I wish my child to be up to par. I will curb from mentioning David. 

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  • n2mama
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    3 months ago

    A couple of things:

    -It sounds like you are doing remote learning, not homeschooling. There is a big difference between the two, and homeschooling means that you would be the one providing the instruction to your son, not being in a virtual classroom with his school.

    -If your son is special needs, does he belong in a mainstream classroom? If he requires you to be present as an aide the entire time, perhaps that isn’t the appropriate environment for him. Does you district offer remote learning options for special needs students? They are the ones struggling the most, as the special instruction and individual attention is next to impossible to manage remotely the way they can in person.

    -You are free to bring your concerns up with the teacher, but be careful how you address them. In your question you sound both critical of the teacher and jealous of David, neither of which will get you to your desired outcome for your son. 

    -You also could consider taking your concerns up the ladder at the school and ask if your son can be transferred into another class. Keep in mind that in another mainstream class the issue may be the same, as there will likely always be other students who get to answers faster or understand the work better.

  • 3 months ago

    I think the bigger issue is that your child needs instruction that he is not receiving, which is a huge issue right now... children who were receiving special education services in schools are really floundering right now (more so than more typical students) because there is just no way to provide them with the same level of services. Your concerns on valid, but I think a little misplaced, when you approach the teacher, don't fixate on the time you perceive given to "David" and not on your son. Focus on how to get your son the education he deserves. 

  • ?
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    3 months ago

    Sure.  Feel free to ask for a ZOOM call with the teacher, the special education coordinator, and the principal. 

    Here are a couple realties that you need to accept:

    1. Online/zoom-based schooling is NOT the same as kinds being in a classroom.  EVERYONE needs to be more flexible and understanding.

    2.Your son may or may not be in the best class or even school for his needs.  This is a discussion with your own doctors and the special education coordinator for your school or school district. If he isn't learning or getting the attention he needs, then you need to advocate for him and work with the team to find the best options.

    3. Just because your son doesn't get to answer, it doesn't necessarily mean he isn't learning from the experience.  I get how frustrating the situation is, and maybe the  teacher needs to mute "David" so that other kids get a chance to participate.

    Being a parent of a special needs child is very challenging.  Your post suggests that you are both frustrated and disappointed as well as overwhelmed by your son's challenges.  You aren't alone.  Please get help from others and support groups to find encouragement for yourself as well as your son.

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