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Will a lot of pro golfers be bulking up, so they can try to compete with DeChambeau?

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    This has been going on for decades, although Bryson certainly took it to another level. Most guys are concerned about fitness and strength conditioning but the question is 'at what cost'.

    Gary Player was the fitness nut of his time, then Tiger, then a host of other players are all bigger and stronger than what you typically associate with professional golfers have come into the game.  

    Here's the problem- these guys end up breaking down.  Phil Mickelson might be the dinosaur on this one (other than broken legs during a ski accident in the early 1990's he's been injury free).  Tiger started having problems when he started bulking up and messing with his swing.  All these giant young players break down.  My guess is that Bryson will start having back problems sooner than later.

    BTW, he still plays at a glacial pace and turns into a whiny baby at the drop of a hat.

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    No, it's unlikely that that would be effective.

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