Is lean a verb or adjective here? What does it mean?


Strong Support Insert a tag (Alt+1)[VP Biden]Lean Support [VP Biden]

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  • 3 months ago

    lean is used as an adjective there.  compare with the exact same usage of "strong".

    EDIT: It is really what I would call a jargon.  It is not literally and strictly correct, but it is done in that specific type of context.  It is so common and so acceptable within that particular application that it is seen as "correct".  It is not, except for that very specific context, to those who are habituated with seeing it used in that way.

    You, as an outsider (not a member of the group that uses the word "Lean" as an adjective) rightfully question if it is a correct usage.

  • Anonymous
    3 months ago

    Being an oldie, I cannot be sure, but I assume that it refers to voting 'leaning' towards favouring Biden.  Or it could mean that votes were 'lean' (not numerous) for Biden.

    Only somebody who understands computerese (!) could properly interpret that whole 'sentence'!  

    Possibly the sentence relates to an 'opinion poll' question, and the gibberish gives instructions on which keys to press if you support Biden or of you do not support Biden. But await answers from computer nerds.

    In normal English, 'lean' as an adjective describes meat with no fat on it (a positive description for meat), but thus, by extension, describes something rather small in quantity, a negative description in terms of political support.

    As a verb, 'to lean' means to be not quite upright, to be slightly bending towards one side or the other. A badly maintained wooden fence might be 'leaning' to one side.

    There is another similar question which seems to have a different interpretation, which I cannot disagree with. So, confusion all round! 

    People should write such questions in good English if they want good statistics for their polls!

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