c++ program that just doesn't make sense ?

St. Fred’s County has 6 hospitals where babies are delivered. They are "St. Anne's", "Trinity", "UPMC", "Magee Women's", "St. Clair's", and "Mercy General“

The county health commission needs a weekly report on kids born in the county.

Hospital Baby Report contains:

A row for each hospital, with

Hospital name

Number of babies born for each day of the past week (columns) at each hospital

Total babies born each day

Calculated values in columns following weekday data with

Calculated average babies for each hospital for the week ,

day max babies were born at each hospital

number of babies born on max day for each hospital

Column Headings for Hospital, Days of the Week, Average, Max Day and Max Number

Other labels, headings, and spacing to produce a very legible table of information

You must use multi-dimensional array and nested loop.

Challenge: Add lines to clarify sections of table

Add row for total babies for each day at the bottom of the table

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