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Horse people: In horse terms, how would you describe this horse?

Link's Horse from Breath of the Wild. In horse lingo how would you describe this horse in terms of coat colour / patterns, and do you see any resemblance to any real horse breed? Thanks! 

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    The horse in your image most closely resembles a Clydesdale or a draft horse in general.

    He has white socks and a star.  His body color is bay.  His height looks to be about 15 to 16 hands based on comparing Link's size to the horse.

    Google search Clydesdale horses for more images for comparison.  

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    Clydesdale Glue Pot

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    Link has a range of different horses, depends if he hires one, buys one ore captures a wild one. 

    Some look identifyable as particular breeds others are just generic horses.

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