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name your top 3 reasons for disliking Biden?

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    He's a LIAR.  He has absolutely NO respect for the LIMITS placed on the federal government in the Constitution.  He is showing signs of senility and won't shut his mouth.

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    # 3) Joe Biden, on world-wide TV news video, has been CAUGHT in MANY brazen lies about his academic ( which included being investigated for plagiarism  and political history; his military service deferment was suspiciously due to "asthma diagnosis". And it wasn't a single instance of LYING---but it was THREE separate times during the mid-late 70's and early 80s. I especially like the LIE ABC's Sam Donaldson grilled Biden on live TV.

    #2) Biden's blunderous gaffes before and during his time as Obama's VP are the stuff of legend: Either Biden TRULY IS or simply ACTS as an idiot. Little wonder why Obama chose Biden as VP: IF ANYTHING happens to Obama--the U.S. crashes in flames with Biden taking over as POTUS.

    I especially like the time ( as VP ) at some public speaking awards event, he spotlighted someone and asked the man to "jump on up here, take a bow and accept this award!!!"---not realizing the evident fact the guy was paraplegic IN A WHEELCHAIR!!

    And just recently, Biden spoke thinking he was in New Jersey--when he in fact was, LIVE on TV--in Philadelphia. 

    And not long after that--Joe Biden proudly posed in a press conference photo op ( with his black PC mask on ) with BLM founder and leader Hawk Newsome and administrative leaders for ANTIFA; and this was just AFTER accepting HUGE campaign contribution MONEY from BLM and ANTIFA. 

    Leads me to wonder exactly what promises BLM and ANTIFA have bought from Joe Biden.  

    And the #1 reason I dislike Joe Biden: He's an avowed LIBERAL SOCIALIST; look at the "Build Better Together" mention of his campaign slogan. It means RE-build ( America into a BETTER SOCIALIST nation Together ). Biden shares the vision publicly expressed by both AOC and Nancy Pelosi that America's economy ( and Obamacare ) could benefit IF America removes capitalism and 'connects' economically with ALL the SOCIALIST NATIONS.

    Think the Marxist ideology of "neighbors helping neighbors" part of Communist doctrine in Das Kapital. 

    Ah....finally.....look at ol' Joe's health: He's anything but healthy. Many whisper Joe Biden has AGREED IF he wins the Election---to RESIGN ( in about 6 or so months time ). Now--let's take a look at the Order of Succession: Kamala Harris would then become POTUS.....and filling in the vacant VP seat would bee......

    .....NANCY PELOSI!!! Ahaaah!! Now we see why Nancy Pelosi REALLY is gung-ho for Joe Biden to win the Election!!

    You'll have two women---both with HUGE EGOS and sharp fingernails--vying every day for control of America

  • Anonymous
    1 week ago

    Masks, masks, and oh yeah, masks. 

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    Honestly, HE is being used by the Dems as a Harris Presidential shoe in. As evident by the fraudient slips from them both being videoed saying the "Harris/Biden campaign" 

    Biden's mind is slipping and that is painfully obvious.

    One would argue that Trump is nuts, but at least he knows the day of the week.

    Biden is too old to be president.

    Biden is corrupt

    Biden will pack the Supreme Court

    Biden welcome illegal immigrants

    The list goes on...

    Oh, he is a socialist....not good. If he wins, you wait and see what happens. Not good.

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    Support abortions, (2)  refusal to call out protestors for burning and looting, (3 )  supports immigration ( documented & undocumented ) use of taxpayer services when hardworking Americans deserve and need. (4)  Will possibly pack Supreme Court ( 5 ) Harris as his voice. ( 6 ) pelosi’s puppet, he will never never be able to serve 4 yrs. I absolutely do NOT want harris in the white house 

  • Mark J
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    1 week ago

    I don't dislike Biden, the individual.

    But top 3 reasons NOT to vote for Biden are

    1) health. Primarily mental health, he doesn't come across as somebody able to function mentally on his own, let alone standing for major office.

    2) policies. he has surrendered to the hard left, espousing bat **** crazy policies such as the Green New Deal,

    3) corruption. there is a long standing stench of corruption over Biden. He makes a play for being a humble mean wo came from nowhere, yet in his 47 years as a senator where has the money come from. Every family has a grubby secret but Hunter is beyond grubby.

    but as I can't vote in the election  ill leave that out there.

    He is sleezy, corrupt. the epitomy of the professional politician always on the make, went into the Senate with barely any experience of work or real life.

  • 1) I would prefer someone else. Bernie would have been good.

    2) He's older than I would like for a Presidential candidate. Yes I know Bernie is old too. That seems to be a problem. Nobody wants the job, and can you blame them?

    3) He is not president yet. FFS When will Trump end?!?

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    1 week ago

    He lied,

    He cheated,

    He stole.

  • 1 week ago

    1. Having Harris as his VP.  She is completely useless and has been given       everything her whole life just because she's black.

    2. He's not qualified, he's Pelosi's puppet.

    3. He's 78 years old & not really up with the times. He's all talk & no action.

  • Anonymous
    1 week ago

    1. He’s an empty suit who takes his marching orders from the far left.

    2. He’s been called one of the worst politicians ever on foreign policy.

    3. He’s a career politician who’s done almost nothing of note in 47 years.

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