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How do you deal with bullies at school bullying your children?

These girls are such birches. They constantly bully and put down my 11yo daughter. These girls are real trouble, bad news and have parents the same. One assaulted me. I hate sending my children back to the school where these children are. They laugh when they see me, put the rude finger up, zero respect. I feel such anger towards them. The school are useless. How do you deal with this? Without hurting the kids or going to far?

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     Teach your children self defense and how to fight zxjqbgk

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    Hi, I'm working sorry your child is going through this. The thing about bullies is each situation is different. Years ago there was only so far a bully would go. Today the kids are not the same. Some have no boundaries and they are not taught morals by their parents, which makes it hard for those who do teach their children right from wrong and how to respect people. Below I have attached two articles. One is "10 questions young people ask?" This is an article for your young one. It has a chapter on bullying with some practical advice. The other "What if my child is being bullied?" Is one for the parents. I hope something in one or both of these articles help. Remember bullying is very serious so don't hesitate to get the authorities involved if needed.

    All the Best!

    10 questions young people ask?

    What if my child is being bullied?

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    I go full John Wick on them

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  • Anna
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    Sounds like their parents are the problem, if they're such nasty immature bitches at 11, they had to learn it from somewhere. Call child services, so their home lives can be investigated, and they can be taken off their parents even temporarily. Then your daughter won't get picked on because her bullies won't be at the school any more. Would solve her problem. Obviously don't resort to violence because that would get YOU in trouble. But if the first suggestion doesn't work, teach your daughter to fight back, and tell her if the girls hit her first, to beat the crap out of them (but not to the point of needing hospital treatment). They would leave her alone then. 

  • edward
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    2 months ago

    Be momma bear.  Crucify them

  • 2 months ago

    take pictures of them . show the pictures to all the school teachers and to their parents. Post on telephone poles.

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    Sadly, there is nothing that you can do to isolate your child in a bubble of sweetness and light.  She's going to have to get out there and mix it up with the masses of asses.  So the thing to do is let the bullies go do their thing...forget about them.  Focus instead on making sure your 11 year-old understands how to deal with them, and that the stress and drama she will face don't impact her self-esteem.  You can do that for her - and it's much more on-point than wringing your hands and saying bad words about those other kids.  Neither of those acts help your daughter much.

    The objective here is NOT to make sure she has a pleasant and hassle-free passage through life.  You can't do that, and even if you could, it wouldn't produce a very nice or useful adult.  Your objective is to prepare her to be resilient and adaptable, optimistic and confident in she can face and handle the challenges we all face in the Real World.  Stop trying to smooth her path, and teach her how to scramble over whatever terrain she encounters, instead.

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