How come my new therapist is such a jerk to me and doesn't understand anything about me?

So I was transferred over to this stupid male therapist and I just absolutely hate him. He is a jerk and doesn't understand anything about me. Every time when I tell him that I didn't do any of the stuff that I've been accused of he bashes me and tells me to grow up. He would say "You did do it, stop lying and accept your responsibility and grow up and comply with what your told to do". I really want to go back to my female therapist but she won't let me and I'm stuck with this stupid idiot who makes me feel bad. Therapy is supposed to make you feel better and all he does is make me feel worse. He says it is my fault that everyone hates me and says no woman wants you cause your an idiot who just won't grow up. I'm shocked that he has the nerve to say such stuff to me since he seems so unprofessional. I should just go on google and write a review and say that matt legray is an idiot and that no one should go see him. How come he is such a jerk to me ? Why is he being so unprofessional ?

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  • Ann
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    1 month ago

    So, Jacob/Kenneth/David/Anonymous/whoever you claim to be today--you have bragged for years online, for the whole world to see, about the threats and pranks you have done, and you can't deny them. They're imprinted in Yahoo's archives.  The reason you're on probation is because of the things you've said and done.  Do you think the Ankle Bracelet Fairy just came down and bestowed a present for you to wear because you "didn't do any of the stuff you're accused of"?  You griped and whined that you hated your female therapist (and obviously there have been several over time), and now you're seeing someone who doesn't buy your nonsense.  The court has given you a break in granting you probation instead of jail, because you're a spoiled idiot who's been coddled by your family for years and never had to take any responsibility for your behaviors.  Now that they're finally tired of you, you have two choices.  Either do what this therapist says--grow up, take some responsibility and learn some skills--or spend the rest of your life in some kind of institution or on the street.  You wouldn't survive 24 hours without help.  Your imaginary "friends" (Andy for one) won't be there to help you, and you'll be on your own.  Being autistic and even being bipolar doesn't excuse antisocial behaviors toward others.  You could learn some skills and become functional if you wanted to.  There are autistic and bipolar people who hold jobs.  They aren't antagonistic toward everyone around them.  You need to quit acting like a third grader and be thankful you aren't behind bars. BTW, you can get in serious trouble for posting your therapist's full name online.  That will not help your cause.

  • Whatever Matt is to you, he now knows you post on this website. He has a screen shot of this post. It is against the Yahoo terms of service to post a person's full name. Given your disparaging remarks he can likely file some legal charges against you, too.

  • para
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    1 month ago

    the rapist    

  • 1 month ago

    Blah, blah, blah.

    Whine, whine, whine.

    You think your court ordered therapists haven't reviewed your chart and doesn't know your history, what a total moron you are.

    News flash for you, your female therapist doesn't want you either.

    This is what happens when you harass and threaten multiple mental health professionals.

    They aren't paid to take your BS as truth.

    Being autistic is not free pass and being an inept liar and troll isn't a disblaity, jacob.

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  • 1 month ago

    I believe this is an imposter. I believe the real Kenneth is in jail awaiting trial. 

  • 1 month ago

    I did contact him when his name was 1st yes, he does not about the antics on here.

    Andy does seem to be real...he was supposedly tracked down at work and contacted about threats against him.

    this is good...that is the real therapists name that was  mentioned months ago......could it really be you KV?  or just a troll that looked back at old posts and found that info?  but his office is an hour drive from your house?  how did you get there before telemed?  'm suspicious that its a fake therapist name and the transfer was a long time ago

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Kenneth, It has been explained to you many times that it is a felony to flee the state. Your therapist is obligated by law to report ANY CRIME to the police. You need to stop whining and thank the judge from jail who let you out on bond. He/She could have just denied your bond but he/she decided to give you another chance and cut you some slack by letting you out as he/she believed that you can be trusted. You clearly are not as you have shown disrespect to that judge by continuously posting rants and threats to run away. Once you do anything to tamper with that tether a warrant will be issued for you arrest. Also if they suspect that you flee and left the state, they will upgrade that to a nationwide arrest warrant and your name and picture will be broadcasted all over social media and the news. There will be a manhunt and you will be arrested shortly thereafter. The FBI/US Marshall services have the technology to track down a fugitive. Remember the "Affluenza teen" ? He was caught and tracked down in mexico. To be honest with you if I was that bond court judge, I would have denied you bond and ordered for you to be detained in jail until your court date. You need to thank him or her for cutting you some slack. Of course you won't listen and will just do what you want so no point in trying to help you. 

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Lies are easy to spot. Get a life

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