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He wants a DNA Test while I’m pregnant?

I’ve been with this guy for about three months and yes we had unprotected sex. I found out I’m almost a month and he says he is all for having a family and working things out with me but for his clarity and assurance he wants me to get a DNA test to be sure it’s 100% his. Now I am offended but he’s the ONLY one I been u protected with. I mentioned I had been with someone in the past but WITH protection and he says “you can still get pregnant with a condom on” what would you do? I just really don’t want anything to do with him right now. 

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    He's being smart. If you truly haven't been with anyone else, then you shouldn't be offended by his request. If he has to pay child support for the next 18 years, he wants to be sure he's paying for HIS child. 

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    He is absolutely right.  Protection is not 100 percent.  I got pregnant with protection - with DOUBLE protection, with an IUD and a condom.  But you can't get the DNA until the child is born.  Do it.  He has a right to know and it is only fair to give him the evidence and he won't owe child support until you do it because if you file for support, it sounds like he will request it then if you don't do it when the child is born, and a court will order it.  Won't that be embarrassing for you if a court has to order that you submit your child.

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    You have only known each other for three months so the fact is, you don't really KNOW each other very well at all.  And if my boyfriend asked for a DNA test, i would do it... and not be offended.  If i were offended and feeling defiant, then maybe i had something to worry about?  

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    He's right in that you can get pregnant while using protection. They are not 100% effective. However. you'll both have to wait until the baby is born for the DNA. 

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  • alan P
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    It is possible to have a DNA test before the baby is born based on the babies DNA in the amniotic fluid but it can't be done yet and is a risky procedure.  If he want's to be with you and start a family then whether the baby is his or someone you broke up with just before meeting him is of secondary importance.  But you've only been together for three months and already he doesn't trust you.  It's perfectly understandable that you don't want anything to do with him.

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    I don't think a DNA test can be performed until after the baby is born, but not real sure on that

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    Not while pregnant his dumbass can wait

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    Just how does he propose getting DNA from the kid while it is still inside?   The very fact he wants a DNA test means that he does not trust you and if the kid is not his he is going to bail on you.  I suggest you get an abortion and kick the guy out.   Go on the pill so you do not end up in this situation again.   Next time do not get PG until you are .................married...........

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    If you were sleeping with other people whilst you were sleeping with him the obviously he's going to want a DNA. You made this mess. Bit late to whine now.

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    Certainly no DNA test before the baby is born, not medically advisable.

    He sounds very possessive, and might try to control your life and your youngster's life right through school and beyond if you seriously got together with him.

    You are right not to want anything to do with him. Best to keep to that idea always.

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