In 1950 once with 677,000 residents and now less than 300,000 in 2020, are people fleeing Pittsburgh, PA because the city smells bad?


Wow Detroit was a really hopping place back in my favorite year I like to ask questions about:1950!

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    Detroit, Michigan was the fifth largest city in the United States in 1950. The population was 1,850,000. Today, Detroit is home to fewer than 670,000 people - a decline of over a million people over the course of 70 years. In fact, over 40,000 people left Detroit in the past two years, and that's a generous estimate. The real figure could be considerably higher. 

    Why do people leave any city? Well, there are a multitude of reasons. The main reason is that there are no decent jobs to be found. If there are no decent jobs, then the standard of living drops and a greater percentage of the population dips below the poverty line. When that happens, crime rates go up. These compounding problems often compel people to leave, and this in turn leads to property values dropping drastically. This was certainly the case for Detroit. The city was once a driving force in the United States. It was a wealthy city that generated a lot of money... It was a cultural capital, not only for its region, but for the nation as a whole... And when the factories and plants closed down, people left in droves and the city became a shadow of its former self. It still hasn't recovered, and if it ever regains its former glory it will likely happen many decades from now. 

    Why did people leave Pittsburgh? For the same reasons. Most of the manufacturing jobs are gone. When they left, the people who had been doing them had to find something else to do. It took time for the city to try to reinvent itself, and many people weren't willing to stick it out and wait to see what might happen. They packed up and moved on to greener pastures. The ones who stayed were those who didn't have the means to get out. Just as it had been in Detroit, people abandoned their homes, property values plummeted, crime rates skyrocketed, and the standard of living declined considerably. It's improved in recent years, but there are still some awful, awful areas in and around Pittsburgh. Statistically speaking, the very worst places in all of Pennsylvania are concentrated in the Pittsburgh metropolitan area. 

    This sort of thing happened all over the United States, but the Midwest "Rust Belt" was hit particularly hard - many places in western Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, and other states experienced drastic changes between the 1950s and today.   

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    Like Detroit its lack of jobs. Auto industry in Detroit  and steel mills in Pittsburgh 

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    No, it's because of lack of jobs.

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    People fled Pittsburgh when the steel mills closed. But thanks to that city turning itself into an education, high tech and medical epicenter its population is slowly growing. Its suburbs like North and South Squirrel Hill are becoming very competitive in real estate terms. 

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    I visited there once in 2008, it did not smell bad to me.

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