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Why will MLB put fake fans in the stands but no women or transgenders on the field?

Why is MLB allowed to have different rules than every other business in the US?


"MLB stands for Major League Baseball, which one of those words is laundry or baking?"  You could say that about every business or man's club...but you don't.  What makes MLB or your view "special" so diversity and gender equality isn't valued?

Update 2:

HB says, "If a woman or Transgender came along good enough to make it,"

I appreciate your desire to eliminate affirmative action and think feminist should just 

"man up" and "grow a pair"  or shut up...but that isn't how business in America works.

"Talent" is a dog whistle for sexist.  All business is about talent.  In America, it is also about diversity and gender discrimination.  If you can't be diverse or be gender neutral, you don't deserve to be rewarded millions and be on TV.

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    I guess it's the same reason why the NBA supports the systematic genocide of the Uyghur population in China and why they protest every game for Black Lives Matter. Do you really expect a bunch of millionaire dumb jocks to have any clue what they are talking about?

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    Not a fan of baseball?

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    Even the best of the lez players can't cut it in the Majors, although I suspect they could give several of the guys in the Giants' bullpen a run for their money.

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    No woman or transgender player (that we know of) has played well enough to make it.  

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    Baseball requires you to be one of the top 750 baseball players in the world to play in MLB.  I've said it before, baseball is color and gender blind.  Once someone is good enough to play, they will.

  • Teams solicited people providing their likenesses for a fee.  

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    Because they're too busy protesting for criminals like George Floyd, Spurlock, and Blake.

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    Nice try baiting everyone, but fail.

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    theres no sex in sports.

    theres no sex also in





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    If a woman or Transgender came along good enough to make it, MLB would accept them. Baseball is all about talent now a days..

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