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Any tips on writing sexual tension? enemies to lovers/villain x hero?


So, I’m writing a book where one of the characters is a villain and one is a complete opposite (I wouldn’t say she’s a hero or anything though, but i’m gonna call her that for the sake of the question). So, they hate each other, but I feel like it’s kinda different when it’s not just an enemies to lovers but also a hero/villain story. I want them to end up together, I have the plot figured out... but I have NO IDEA how to write the sexual tension. When to START with the sexual tension. After all, they hate each other! I want it to be believable (just so you know, the villain is attracted to the hero from the very beginning, and we - the readers - know it, and so does the hero, AND the villain. he doesn’t have any problem with it. so writing it from the villain’s pov won’t be as difficult as writing it from the hero’s pov). 

I can’t use my own experiences as an example because, well... I’m not a hero and I’ve never been attracted to a villain lol. And I’ve never been attracted to my enemy, either. 

Oh, and I want the sexual tension to appear, before the romantic feelings do. I want the hero to be thinking that what she’s feeling is wrong, fighting with it, etc. 

Thanks in advance! x

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    This is one of the worst cliches in fiction. "These two are so different - they could NEVER work!" It's been done one hundred million times. If you don't have any idea how to go about working something that widespread into your work, it must be because you aren't widely read at all. It's something that's constantly worked into terrible films, but it's far less palatable in books and stories, unless the writer approaches it with any modicum of talent, which it is obvious that you are not because you admit that you don't have any idea what you're doing. Go and read ten books before you sit down to write this. If you choose the right ten books, you'll likely abandon the idea and move on to something else. Even if you choose poorly, at least you'll have ten books under your belt. 

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    So, yet another post by someone who's supposedly "writing a book" who begins by writing the word "So", AND capitalises random words to make it all sound FANTASTIC! Super!

    Hope this helped! x



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    I would suggest that you read a few romance/erotica novels because the authors there pull this off all the time.

    One of the ways to do it is to have the villain show that he's attracted to the heroine, have him flirt with her. Maybe have him be smoking hot at the same time to encourage the sexual attraction, since he might not have any redeeming factors to her at the beginning. Then over time, you give him some redeeming factors, maybe he saves a kitten out of a burning building, maybe he takes a bullet to protect her little brother, have him do things that show that he loves her etc.

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