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How can a person earn money by photographing nature? ?

I am not a professional photographer but every two weeks I have long hikes in remote beautiful places. How can I sell my photos or earn side money from it? 

I have free access to Adobe Products through my job. 

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  • Sumi
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    Selling prints is very tough for not much in return.  You spend thousands getting a shot to never having a single buyer.

    The most common places to sell your work would be online at sites like ebay or etsy, or make your own website using tools like Squarespace, and sell things there.  You can sell them at arts and crafts shows by renting a space and a table.

    Landscapes are a dime-a-dozen so your work really needs to be spectacular and unique in order for it to sell.  Have you ever had your work critiqued?  Do you have a portfolio consisting of 10-15 of your absolute best photos? Before you spend any time and money on this venture, get your work critiqued by a qualified professional; preferably one that is into landscapes.  If you and your ego can get through a critique intact, you might be able to sell your work.  Otherwise, most people's work is simply not good enough.

    Being in a beautiful place is a good start, but it's simply not good enough to just be there.  Do you have the right camera with the right amount of resolution for landscapes (e.g. 40MP or greater) or are you using a phone or consumer-grade camera with only around 18MP?  Landscapes need to be printed big (16x20 or larger) to show off the grandeur of the scene otherwise they look rather meh.  Generally, people do not buy small prints like an 11"x14" or 8"x10" of a landscape.  They want it big over their mantle or on their wall.  So not only do you need a camera with at least 40MP, but a good quality lens because at these sizes, any optical defects will show up like a sore thumb.  This means that if you're using just the simple 18-55mm kit lens of your DSLR, it's not going to be good enough.

    Selling prints to the general public is almost always a loosing proposition.  It can often take a working pro 10-30 years to start being profitable with just print sales.  Most pros who sell their work do so to advertising companies and not the general public.  Why?  Because that's where the money is.  A company can afford $25,000 for a national ad, but not the average Joe who can barely justify spending more than $10 on an 8x10.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    First study your 'market'.  Which magazines use pics of Nature? Etc

  • Stella
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    1 month ago

    Look into photography contests.

    Nature and animals are big categories in these.

  • Kenny
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    1 month ago

    Sounds great .  Everyone has a camera on their phone now so professional photography has taken a hit . I suppose pictures of things for a field guide could be something .

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