What are the fillers that make  writing awkward ?

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  • Amber
    Lv 5
    2 weeks ago

    Filler is anything that doesn't have progression and doesn't move anything along. It's plot related. A good character moment that shows their flaw, hidden desire, shame is still just filler if it's not moving the plot. Because there are ways to move the plot and reveal character at the same time. So if the character remembers something from their past that acts as like a clue and moves the plot in a direction, it's not filler. If that character is sitting staring out the window remembering a moment in their life that is relevant to their growth but nothing to do with the plot. That is also filler and there is a more engaging way to do it. There is a way to move the plot and reveal character at the same time. 

    I read this a long time ago on a blog. I think it was "this Itch of writing" but Emma Darwin. Up until then I thought character moments alone weren't filler. But since listening to that advice, I've noticed my work has improved and beta readers seems to like the pacing better and I get less of "cut this out" or "this moment and this plot point could be connected and it would enhance the scene." So good advice I thought. I find her blogs good anyway so take a look.

  • 2 weeks ago

    Fillers are anything that doesn't either illuminate who the characters are or advance the plot.

    I could write a really detailed scene showing my main character buying a new cell phone. I could probably go 5000 words, easy. Hell, 8000 if she's buying a case, too. But unless it tells the reader something about the character they don't already know, and that something is important, it's most likely just padding, even if I write it really well. (And it's tempting, because why does Apple make it so ridiculously slow?)

    My Deletions file for my present book is fifty-some pages of good scenes or paragraphs that don't serve the whole. I save them because sometimes they prove useful with some tweaks.

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