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Question for people who own AirPods?

How often do you use your AirPods?

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    On workdays, pretty much every day for conference calls (Webex, Teams). They are the first version - lasting only about an hour, I use one at a time (one on the conf. call, the other recharging).

    On weekends, evenings or other timeoff, about 50% of my waking hours. I edit video (hobby), and a big part of that is listening to and editing audio.

  • 1 month ago

    All the time until I lost one of them while crossing the street. 

    If you’re going to get AirPods get the pro so you can get a tight fit. The regular ones drops all the time if you have ear canals that are slightly bigger. It’s not a joke when Conan mocked the AirPod ad where someone keeps losing get AirPods and having to constantly buy new ones. 

    Didn’t apple mention something about magnets that helps to keep them in your ears. I don’t remember humans having metals in their ear canals. I know blood has iron but I doubt it’s enough for the magnet to attach to it. 

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