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What do you do in an extremely boring class?

I'm in safety ed, where we learn about hunting and boating safety. I'm a girl and have  no interest in hunting deer or fishing/boating. I live in the South where a lot of people love hunting, but not me. No interest. I have to learn about "wear hunter orange" or "carry a first-aid kit." This is so boring, what do I do? I have 8 more weeks in this class...

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    1 month ago

    You take some notice. If you were to go walking near a hunting area it might be good to wear hunter orange, for instance.

    As for boating - it is very likely that you will be invited out for a boating trip in the next few years.   It is a normal social activity, so pay attention massively in that part.  Even without being a keen boating enthusiast myself, I can tell you that the first thing that you should insist on is being provided with a buoyancy-aid (life-jacket), even if you are a good swimmer.

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    i would just try to have fun in that class

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